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World of Sanctuary is very harsh and extremely difficult for sole adventurer, you need someone who will cover your back, distract enemies, help to defeat the most dangerous opponents, lean when you was injured, but in the end, most likely, will die trying to protect you and give a few seconds to complete the spell or perform precision strike.

Yes, it is about hirelings.

They got many character abilities in Battle for Elements:
  • Full equipment (excluding charms);
  • Equipment vizualization as it character have;
  • New skills.


Hireling classes:

There are 16 hireling classes at now you can hire in four acts.
  • First act: Amazons;
  • Second act: Paladins;
  • Third act: Sorceresses, Druids, Necromancers;
  • Fifth act: Barbarians and Assassins.

Hireling skills:

Rogue Encampment Amazons:

TypeDifficultySkill 1Skill 2Skill 3Skill 4Skill 5
Fire ArcherAllInner SightFire ArrowExploding ArrowImmolation ArrowBurst of Speed.
Cold ArcherAllInner SightCold ArrowIce ArrowFreezing ArrowBurst of Speed.
Master ArcherAllInner SightMagic ArrowMultiple ShotStrafeBurst of Speed.
JavelinerAllInner SightPoison JavelinLightning BoltPlague JavelinBurst of Speed.

Usable weapons: javelins, crossbow, throwing potions, throwing knife.

Lut Gholein Paladins:

TypeDifficultySkill 1Skill 2Skill 3Skill 4
CombatNormalJabPrayerCharged StrikeLightning Strike
CombatNightmareJabThornsCharged StrikeLightning Strike
CombatHellJabFanaticismCharged StrikeLightning Strike
DefensiveNormalJabDefianceCharged StrikeLightning Strike
DefensiveNightmareJabHoly FreezeCharged StrikeLightning Strike
DefensiveHellJabSalvationCharged StrikeLightning Strike
OffensiveNormalJabBlessed AimCharged StrikeLightning Strike
OffensiveNightmareJabMightCharged StrikeLightning Strike
OffensiveHellJabConvictionCharged StrikeLightning Strike
ProtectiveNormalPower StrikeCleansingCharged StrikeFend
ProtectiveNightmarePower StrikeVigorCharged StrikeFend
ProtectiveHellPower StrikeSanctuaryCharged StrikeFend
BerserkerNormalPower StrikeHoly FireCharged StrikeFend
BerserkerNightmarePower StrikeConcentrationCharged StrikeFend
BerserkerHellPower StrikeHolyShockCharged StrikeFend

Usable weapons: scepter, club, sword, hammer, mace.

Kurast Iron Wolves:

TypeDifficultySkill 1Skill 2Skill 3Skill 4Skill 5Skill 6
Fire SorcererAllFire BoltFire BollFire WallMeteorHydraFire Mastery
Cold SorcererAllFrozen ArmorIce BlastGlacial SpikeBlizzardFrozen OrbCold Mastery
Lightning SorcererAllCharged BoltStatic FieldLightningNovaChain LightningLightning Mastery
NecromancyAllBone ArmorTeethWeakenBone SpearBone Spirit 
DruidicAllFirestormMolten BoulderFissureTwisterShock WaveTornado

Usable weapons: staff.

Harrogath Warriors:

TypeDifficultySkill 1Skill 2Skill 3Skill 4Skill 5
BarbarianAllBashStunBattle Orders (Merc)Battle CryWar Cry
AssassinAllPsychic HammerShock WebBlade FuryMind Blast 

Usable weapons: axe, club, hammer, polearm, mace.