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Список местностей

Постепенно происходит добавление новых и изменение старых локаций.

Abuzz's Forest173767
Ancient Labyrinth133363
Ancient Tower123262
Black Marsh133363
Blood Moor113161
Burial Grounds133363
Burned Village123262
Catacombs Level 1183868
Catacombs Level 2183868
Catacombs Level 3193969
Catacombs Level 4193969
Cold Plains113161
Courtyard Garden153565
Dark Wood133363
Den of Evil123262
Evil Cave113679
Forgotten Cave123677
Forgotten Tower143464
Green Alley143464
Icosahedronaholeg's Area183868
Inner Cloister173767
Inner Tower123262
Jail Level 1163666
Jail Level 2173767
Jail Level 3173767
Maze of the Light183868
Monastery Gate143464
Morgan's Lair133363
Mysterious Cave133363
Mysterious Cave133363
Mysterious Cave143464
Mysterious Cave153565
Mysterious Cave153565
Mysterious Cave173767
Mysterious Cave193969
Outer Cloister153565
Ramshackle Cave143464
Smith's Lair173767
Space-Time Continuum133363
Stony Field123262
Tamoe Highland143464
The Lost Forest123262
The Secret Cow Level1396999
Three Ways133363
Tower Cellar Level 1143464
Tower Cellar Level 2153565
Tower Cellar Level 3153565
Tower Cellar Level 4163666
Tower Cellar Level 5163666
Underground Halls lvl.1153565
Underground Halls lvl.2153565
Underground Passage Level 1123262
Underground Passage Level 2133363
Underground Tunnel113161
Valley Of Three Caves123262
Ancient Tunnels2114171
Arcane Sanctuary2144474
Canyon of the Magi2154575
Claw Viper Temple Level 12124272
Claw Viper Temple Level 22124272
Dry Hills2114171
Far Oasis2124272
Halls of the Dead Level 12104070
Halls of the Dead Level 22114171
Halls of the Dead Level 32114171
Harem Level 22134373
Lost City2124272
Maggot Lair Level 12114171
Maggot Lair Level 22114171
Maggot Lair Level 32124272
Palace Cellar Level 12134373
Palace Cellar Level 22144474
Palace Cellar Level 32144474
Rocky Waste2104070
Sewers Level 12104070
Sewers Level 22114171
Sewers Level 32124272
Stony Tomb Level 12104070
Stony Tomb Level 22104070
Tal Rasha's Chamber2154575
Tal Rasha's Chamber2164676
Tal Rasha's Tomb2154575
Tal Rasha's Tomb2154575
Tal Rasha's Tomb2154575
Tal Rasha's Tomb2154575
Tal Rasha's Tomb2154575
Tal Rasha's Tomb2154575
Tal Rasha's Tomb2154575
Valley of Snakes2124272
Arachnid Lair3164676
Disused Fane3194979
Disused Reliquary3205080
Durance of Hate Level 13215181
Durance of Hate Level 23215181
Durance of Hate Level 33225282
Flayer Dungeon Level 13174777
Flayer Dungeon Level 23184878
Flayer Dungeon Level 33184878
Flayer Jungle3174777
Forgotten Reliquary3194979
Forgotten Temple3205080
Great Marsh3164676
Kurast Bazaar3184878
Kurast Causeway3205080
Lower Kurast3184878
Ruined Fane3205080
Ruined Temple3194979
Sewers Level 13194979
Sewers Level 23194979
Spider Cavern3164676
Spider Forest3164676
Swampy Pit Level 13174777
Swampy Pit Level 23184878
Swampy Pit Level 33184878
Upper Kurast3194979
City of the Damned4235383
Izual Chamber4235383
Outer Steppes4225282
Plains of Despair4225282
River of Flame4245484
The Chaos Sanctuary4255585
Arreat Plateau5275787
Arreat Summit5326292
Bloody Foothills5255585
Crystalline Passage5285888
Drifter Cavern5306090
Frigid Highlands5265686
Frozen River5295989
Frozen Tundra5306090
Glacial Trail5295989
Halls of Anguish5336393
Halls of Pain5346494
Halls of Vaught5356595
Icy Cellar5326292
Infernal Pit5366696
Nihlathak's Temple5326292
Pit of Acheron5366696
The Ancients' Way5316191
The Worldstone Chamber5376797
Throne of Destruction5366696
Worldstone Keep Level 15336393
Worldstone Keep Level 25346494
Worldstone Keep Level 35356595
Elemental Plane of Air2174777
Elemental Plane of Earth1114171
Elemental Plane of Fire4265686
Elemental Plane of Water3235383
Ancient Vault0164676
Halls of Fame2114171
Lair of Fenris4245484
Lost Valley of Ice Warriors5336393