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Contest №6

Start: Jun 16 2008
End: Jul 21 2008
Mod version: 1.40

Objective: To obtain "Goggles of Omnivision" secret ancient artifact.
Winner: Adario
Reward: Tapestry-stilized photo in Halls of Fame location.

Contest solution: This contest is not exist in all versions after 1.40 so we provide solution here.

There is Earm of Light unique monster in Maze of Light location. After his death this monster drop ancient scroll with following text:

It is said that the victim should be sacrificed without regrets… Can I imagine full power of ancient artifact? Of course, no… Sarina, my beloved daughter, please, find a way to do this…

There is a special Sentinel of Light ward in Spider Cavern location, also there is a sarcophage called Victim near. This Victim is invulnerable to character attacks. Ward fires magic orbs at character and character have no appropriate defense against these orbs. So the Victim. As you already understood, character must stand ahead or behind of Victim and magic orb will sacrifice Victim. Victim will drop Goggles of Omnivision ancient charm.

Victim in Spider Cavern.

Sentinel of Light

Goggles of Omnivision

Goggles of Omnivision
Grand Charm
Level Required: 38

  • Mind Blast +1
  • Find Item +1
  • Find Potion +1
  • Meditation +1
  • Concentration +1
  • Dim Vision +1
  • Inner Sight +1

Adario in Halls of Fame

Adario portrait location in Halls of Fame.