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High Quality Item Modifiers

Following modifiers can be applied to high quality (superior) items:

Property 1Property 2Level_Req_AddWeaponArmorGlovesBootsBelt
Attack +[1,3] 1V    
Attack +[1,3]Damage +[5,15]%3V    
Attack +[1,3]Durability +[10,15]%1V    
Damage +[5,15]% 1V    
Damage +[5,15]%Durability +[10,15]%1V    
Damage reduced by 5%All Resistances -151 V   
Defense +[5,15]% 1 VVVV
Defense +[5,15]%Durability +[10,15]%1 VVVV
Defense vs missile +30Defense vs melee -151 V   
Dexterity +20Vitality -101    V
Durability +[10,15]% 1VVVVV
Energy +20Strength -101    V
Run/Walk Speed +5Less tire -5%1   V 
Strength +20Energy -101    V
Vitality +20Dexterity -101    V

Property 1, Property 2 - auto-modifier.
Level_Req_Add - additional level requirement.
Weapon - all weapons.
Armor - torso armor, helms, shields.