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Game difficulties specifics

Setting ppl in the single game

You can set max ppl level to 4 in the single game in Battle for Elements instead of 8 in the original Diablo 2.

Difficutly levels

There are 3 difficulty levels in Battle for Elements: Easy, Standard, Hard. Monsters parameters and "Frendly Fire" feature settings depend on the difficulty level you have choosen at the game session start.

Easy: It is intended for the people which are new to this mod and can be used to pass most difficult and dangerous locations. Monsters parameters (life, damage and others) are only 70% of the base level, items drop is set to 90% of the base level. There is no "Friendly Fire" feature. Some items like Mysterious Ancient Defence are impossible to get but there are only few of such items.

Standard: It is intended for most players. It fits playing without the shared stash (Plugy feature) but also suits well playing with the shared stash. Some skills get "Friendly Fire".

Hard: It is intended for those who know the mod really well, passed it several times on Standard difficulty and have good amount of pre-found items in the shared stash. Monster parameters are 200% of the base level, items drop set to 110% of the base level. Most of skills get "Friendly Fire".