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Normal/Nightmare/Hell parameters

Character can have different penalties and modifiers depending on difficulty mode. These global variables are used to fit game complexity to character level. See the table below.

Variable Normal Nightmare Hell
Resist Penalty 0 -200 -500
Death Experience Penalty 0 0 0
Monster Freeze/Cold/AI Curse 1 3 9
Life/Mana Leech 1 3 9
Hireable Boss Damage Percent 50 35 25
Static Field Min HP 0 33 50

Resist Penalty - base reistances to fire, cold, lightning and poison.

Death Experience Penalty - amount of lost experience due to character death.

Monster Freeze/Cold/AI Curse - reduction of Freeze, Cold and AI Curse effect length character can apply to monsters.

Life/Mana Leech - reduce the effectiveness of life/mana leeching.

Hireable Boss Damage Percent - percent of damage hirelings can deal to act bosses.

Static Field Min HP - minimal amount of HP (in percent) monster have left after Static Field cast.