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Since Diablo II runs with 2D graphics, at 25 frames per second, events can only occur at discrete numbers of frames. As a result of this, improvements to attack rate, casting speed, hit recovery, and blocking rate are not measured by the number of frames required to display the motion. If a normal attack with a given weapon takes 10 frames, some amount of faster attack bonus will drop it down to 9 frames, but until that amount is reached, no improvement will occur. Players call the amounts of improvement necessary to cause a change "breakpoints."

Speeds for all of these properties vary greatly between the different characters and items. Many attack skills have their own speeds and breakpoints. Other skills (such as Fanaticism) modify the overall speed of all attacks.

Values must meet or exceed numbers to achieve that breakpoint. If a breakpoint requires 48% Faster Hit Recovery, you will not get it with 46% or 47%. You must get to 48%, and then anything above that will cause no change until you meet or exceed the next breakpoint.

Increased speeds are displayed by dropping frames of animation. This can result in very fast movements looking choppy. For instance, if a character's basic attack with a given weapon requires 12 frames for the full animation (showing the arm swinging, the weapon descending, the hit landing, and then the weapon being lifted back to the ready pose), and your character has that attack down to 5 frames, thanks to a lot of IAS and a boost from Fanaticism, 7 of the 12 frames of animation will not be shown. The game will only display the weapon at the top, halfway down, hitting, halfway back up and at rest.

Since all hirelings in mod were changed, their breakpoints are equal to corresponding breakpoints of characters.

Increase Attack Speed

Attack speed depends on many factors, so we provided no tables. You can use online calc.

Faster Cast Rate

Faster casting rate is found on a variety of equipment. This stat is most important for spell-casters, for obvious reasons. All spells are affected by this value, but note that some spells have a 1 second, or longer, delay between uses. For those spells, FCR equipment will lower the frames required for the actual casting animation, but the 1 second delay will still run (for 25 frames) after each cast.

For instance, if your character takes 11 frames to cast a spell that has a 1 second delay, that's 11 + 25 = 36 frames per use. If you you use FCR equipment to cut your casting frames to 7, you'll still have to wait 7 + 25 = 32 frames to cast it again. Saving 4 frames ever time you cast a spell will certainly add up over hundreds of casts, but the difference is less noticeable than it is with spells you can "spam" as quickly as your character can cast them. FCR (unlike other such modifiers) have effective cap with 175% value.

Assassin   0816274265102174    
Barbarian      09203763105   
Druid 04101930466899163     
Necromancer    0918304875125    
Paladin    0918304875125    
Sorceress      09203763105   
Werebear   071526406399163    
Werewolf   061426406095157    
Afflicted          0143268152
Apparition  081526395886138     
Undead Doll        011264886  
Venom Lord        011264886  
Stygian Fury    0918304878125    
Vampire    0818304875120    

Faster Hit Recovery

The hit recovery counter is triggered by some damage taken, as well as result of Stun and Knockback effects. When this happens your character is knocked into a "hit stun" animation, which must be completed before you can take another action. Characters (or mercs or monsters) may be stunned repeatedly, trapping them in "stun lock," a very dangerous situation.

Following situations trigger hit recovery:

  1. MaxLife/divisor < damage < 2*MaxLife/divisor, chance to get Hit Recovery is 37,50%;
  2. 2*MaxLife/divisor < damage < 4*MaxLife/divisor, chance to get Hit Recovery is 75%;
  3. Damage > 4*MaxLife/divisor, chance to get Hit Recovery is 100%.

divisor depends on damage dealing skill and can be equal to 8 or 16.

AmazonAll        061320325286174600 
AssassinAll          0715274886200 
BarbarianAll          0715274886200 
DruidH2H     037131929426399174456  
other      05101626395686152377  
NecromancerAll      05101626395686152377  
Paladin2H      0371320324875129280  
other          0715274886200 
SorceressAll    059142030426086142280   
ApparitionAll    059142030426086142280   
Stygian FuryAll          0715274886200 
Undead DollAll0471015202735486586129200414    
VampireAll         0511203560109280 
Venom LordAll        061320325286174600 
WerebearAll      05101624375486152360  
WerewolfAll            09204286280



Faster Block Rate

A character goes into block animation if its opponent succeeds in the hit check and the character succeeds in a blocking check. The character can do nothing else during the blocking animation. Blocking is only possible while engaged in melee combat, or while walking. (Not while running.) See the blocking article for more details. When block animation plays all incoming hits can be blocked also, but animation don't start again, so character can't be locked in block-lock.

Hirelings, despite of they are capable to wear shields, can't block.

other            0133286600
AssassinAll            0133286600
BarbarianAll          09204286280 
DruidAll      061320325286174600  
NecromancerAll      061320325286174600  
Paladinw/out Holy Shield            0133286600
with Holy Shield               086
SorceressAll        0715274886200  
WerebearAll     051016274065109223   
WerewolfAll        0715274886200  

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