Finally! 1.80 released! )))

After another all long years the Battle for Elements 1.80 has been released! This is a new base version so you will have to start over from the scratch as your previous characters (more likely) will not be compatible with the new version due to basic changes.

CAUTION! This is a new base version so you will have to start over from the scratch as your previous characters (more likely) will not be compatible with the new version due to basic changes.

Global changes:

  • Both native resolutions were replaced with 1024×768 and 1280×768 (with D2ExpRes)

Launcher changes:

  • Gem container fix. Gem containers appear in gamble now (made by lordvampir)
  • When player disable gamble filter gamble window is filled with all permitted items now (made by lordvampir)
  • Too many check marks fix — the game could crash when too many check marks were set in gamble filter (made by lordvampir)
  • Now you can add some D2Mod plugins to the mod if you want. Just run the launcher for the first time and add plugins to new «plugins.ini» file. REMEMBER that you are acting at your own risk, as I cannot guarantee support for any plugin that is not included in the BFE (made by lordvampir)
  • Some functionality was added by AlHazrad

Gameplay features:

  • /PlayersX command now supports value up to 16. Monster HP % multipliers for this command: 0,50,100,150,200,250,300,350,450,600,800,1050,1350,1700,2100,3000. As you can see /Players 9-16 made especially for those, who think BFE is too easy.

Graphics features:

  • 3dfx glide mode (with D2GL 1.3.1 modified by rnd2k)
  • PlugY 14.03 HD version modified by rnd2k
  • New icons for elemental plane portals by AlHazrad
  • Tons of new in-game art by AlHazrad!


  • Required level for all Multiverse Objects as well as for Ring of Power, Mysterious Ancient Defence and Diablo_Player’s Wrath is 80 now.
  • Additional requirements for some Multiverse Objects were removed.
  • Inventory space and Horadric Cube space were rebalanced.
  • Tread Driller: Run/walk speed was changed to -50%. All resistance was changed to 35%. 4 item Might aura bonus was replaced with Concentration aura level 10.
  • Consciousness Driller: Mage Horror reanimation was boosted to 20%.
  • Hand Driller: Piercing attack was replaced with +20% to Attack speed. 2 item Attack speed bonus was boosted to 30%.
  • Drill, Gun Driller: 2 item Piercing attack bonus was boosted to 35%.
  • Want to Be a Shooter set: Moon Lord reanimation was boosted to 20% (it was applied to set charm as well).
  • Hellforge Hammer: Strength requirement was lowered to 450 on Nightmare and to 1050 on Hell difficulties.
  • Dark characters were rebalanced.

Bug fixes:

  • Critical bug with wrong required energy on armor was fixed.
  • There was the bug with Andariel quest drop. It is fixed now.
  • Bug with «Alkor potion and magic jewel» recipe was fixed.
  • Bug with «Birth runescript» recipe was fixed.
  • Due to bugged synergy formulae (where Bone Skills Efficiency takes part to) Teeth, Bone Spear and Bone Spirit skills had enormous damage (which was capped anyway). It was fixed and rebalanced.
  • There are missing Elemental Books of Lore In act 2,3 and 5 towns in both versions 1.61 and 1.70. It is fixed now. Feel free travel to Elemental Planes.
  • Some old plugins can cause DEP errors. It is fixed by rnd2k.
  • Some spelling corrections by Amber.

Technical changes:

  • AI range of most monsters was increased from 35 to 42 cells to reflect the change in resolution.
  • Fix to increase the size of the .d2s save file to about 64kb avoiding «Character has too many items» error. (rnd2k)
  • Waypoints plugin was completely reworked by rnd2k.
  • D2ShowItems plugin by rnd2k to show more items on the ground with Alt key pressed.

Knowledge Base:

  • Two files were added: Hirelings.pdf, Contest History.pdf.

    How to install:

    • Make sure that You have Diablo2: Lord of Destruction with 1.10 patch.
    • Uninstall BFE version 1.70 or any other version if you have it.
    • Run BFE_1.80_setup.exe and follow installation instructions.
    • Run «BFE Launcher.exe» if the installer did not run it itself.

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