1.70 released! Gratz! )))

Global changes:

  • Weapon item requirements were splitted into three difficulties: «Standard» have 75% of 1.60 requirements, «Hard» — 100%, and «Impossible» — 125%.
  • Added armor item requirements. They were splitted into three difficulties too: «Standard» have 75% of «Hard» requirements, and «Impossible» — 125% of «Hard».
  • Armor soul requirements also added. As with weapon soul requirements, they carry over approx. 25% of item stats requirements to an item you insert this soul to. These 25% relates to «Hard» requirements.

Launcher changes:

  • New launcher by Al’Hazrad.

Gameplay features:
❗ Completely new Alchemy system

  • 2 new unique charms. Please play the mod to find out how to obtain it.
  • One-way waypoint to Worldstone Keep lvl.2 was disabled to prevent too easy Baal runs.

Graphics features:
❗ Over 400 new images for such items like item souls, book of planes, stack components, runes, runescripts, extractors, needles, elemental keys, etc… by Al’Hazrad.

  • New character select screen by Al’Hazrad.
  • New game select screen by Al’Hazrad.
  • Some changes in towns by Al’Hazrad. Check the character new house!


  • Waypoint to Ancient Tower now locked until you get Sphere of Summoning. I hope it’ll serve as additional very clear hint where you can summon Andariel. 🙂
  • Level of Foul Crows Holy Fire aura in Valley of Three Caves was decreased to 3 on Normal difficulty.
  • Volcano range of Bears in Three Ways was halved and delay between debris falling was tripled.
  • Act 1 Fallen Shamans fireball was weakened.

Bug fixes:

  • Weapon soul requirements were fixed. It was not 25% as I stated previously and in some cases it was far not 25%. These 25% relates to «Hard» requirements.
  • Assassin charge up missiles were restored to original. There were not intended technical graphics.

Technical changes:

  • PlugY 11.02.
  • Some installer improvements.

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