«Battle for Elements» modification for Diablo2: Lord of Destruction

CAUTION! This mod is much more difficult than vanilla Lord of Destruction . Actually, you can forget everything you knew about LoD playing balance and start your exploration over.

Don’t bring LoD playing stereotypes in this mod. Most things differ from original LoD so you will have to use your imagination. Most of new players complaints go from trying to use common game stamps that just do not work here.
If you feel particular places too difficult – just rethink of what you do. Many issues may be resolved by just tune your character a little.
You should relay much more on your mercenary – he might be really helpful in some places.
Try and use all new things brought to mod – they may be essential or even necessary for successful gaming.
Read NPC dialogues and info books in every act carefully –they contain special tips and receipts.
Pay attention to low-level runewords and set items/their combinations – this may help greatly in the early game and sometime even on the last stages.
You can use almost everything in the Cube, so don’t hurry to drop/sell items you consider unnecessary – you may need them later in the game.

Happy gaming!